BradBlog | Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What an amazing opportunity it is today to walk around our campus at Cross Schools! In a single glance, you can clearly see what is and what is to come. It is exciting to see dreams literally taking shape as construction crews work tirelessly throughout the day. I have heard it said, “In times of change, opportunities abound.” That saying is certainly true at Cross Schools because there is a sense here that everything is possible. This is all very exciting and positive, but I know what you are thinking: How about some specifics. Well, here you go:

A new playground is being built to allow for an additional recess area. This is incredibly valuable because our students grow and learn a great deal while at play. As well as learning to socialize with classmates, students also gain endurance, strength, coordination, and attentiveness. We are thrilled to add an area that makes that possible.

A regulation soccer field is being built to allow Cross Schools to play and host soccer matches on our campus. We look forward to celebrating many achievements and victories on the field throughout the years to come. Go Stingrays!

The vertical construction of our two-story addition and the extension to the gymnasium will begin soon. The foundation is being formed as I type. We are thrilled to know we will be beginning the next school year with these new buildings in place. The new classrooms and facilities will open up a multitude of options to our students, teachers, parents, and community. Flexible and diverse learning environments will allow teachers to choose spaces that best suit the topic, interests, and students’ needs.

By the way, although the future is certainly exciting, the present is amazing, too. We have curious students, passionate teachers, supportive parents, and connected administrators who are all working together harmoniously to make this a terrific school year. Things never stand still at Cross Schools; we are always growing, creating, and innovating. Therefore, there is always plenty to share. I look forward to providing more insight into our progress throughout the year.

Thank you for your partnership,


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