This one is for you, families!

Yesterday was another gorgeous, albeit hot, day in the Lowcountry and an active one at Cross Schools. As part of our marketing outreach plan for the year, we asked students to take part in a photo shoot for an array of upcoming advertisements. For some, this meant wearing a tie for an extra day this week, and for others, it just meant missing a few minutes of class. For all, it meant being poked and positioned again and again… all while sitting on concrete in 80-something degree heat.

The coolest thing about it? Not one student rolled an eyeball, sighed, or complained. They all did what they were asked with sweet smiles on their faces and a ton of yes ma’ams and yes sirs. This entry is not to pat the faculty and staff of Cross Schools on their backs (although they are pretty awesome!), it’s to reinforce what we know… that you all–the families of our students–are doing a jam up job raising kind and respectful ladies and gentlemen. It’s an honor to spend time with your children at Cross Schools. Have a wonderful day and weekend!



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