Display Your Child's Art | Submitted by Pam Donahue

Submitted by Pam Donahue
Artwork by Amelia Burris

I spend a lot of time looking at children’s art – it’s part of my job after all; but last week when I was gluing down some gorgeous drawings of camellias to white boards for the South Carolina State Fair’s art competition, I was thinking how a frame can make good work look even better. Every year, in my own home, I buy pre-made frames for one work of art that each of my children did that school year, and I hang them up on a wall upstairs.  I really love seeing how their abilities have developed over the years, and it’s a great way to display their creations. I would encourage everyone to frame a work of art done by your children; choose something that shows not only what they have accomplished, but strikes you as being in the moment of who they are at 3rd grade, 1st grade, 7th grade, and so on.  Notice things like how they fill in a space – is it kind of scribbled in, or do they fill it really neatly?  How do they draw people – is it kind of hard to tell who it is or does it show their developing sense of noticing details?  With time, children focus on different things, and tend to take more time in their art.  Whether it is deemed “good” doesn’t matter at all… children’s art shows an innocence, a joy, a moment.  It’s so much fun to see.  So frame something, and take delight in remembering that moment for years to come. 


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