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Lesson Learned by the “New Guy”

Email sent on Friday, September 8, 2017
From Brad Schultz to his Colleagues, AKA "Conspirators"

So, I was completely won over by a sweet little girl on the 2nd day of school when she shared, "My mom says you seem like the type of person who would enjoy a good prank." I went on to talk with her about a few innocent pranks I had pulled thinking she meant that I seemed like the type of person who enjoyed pulling a good prank. Little did I know she was merely testing the waters for what would soon become an elaborate plot for a masterful prank.

Oh, it was so well done with such amazing patience and timing:

       "Oh, look. It appears a storm is brewing."

“Wow! Looks like it could be a hurricane.”

                                                “We are evacuating. Where are you going?”

Even the local authorities got into it with a press conference - "10-15' surges...Beaufort County under water..."

And you knew I wouldn't know who the governor was, so you got a charming Southerner to speak in nuances.

Oh and the sign language guy. Nice! I knew that couldn't be real! Arghhh! How did I not see this?

And Mike's Weather page - He was so convincing!

Anyways, so I take off this morning at 1:30 a.m. like the roadrunner (beep! beep!) leaving a trail behind me - but not too fast Bluffton PD. :)

5 hours later, I'm past Atlanta and headed to TN when I reach out to my colleagues Shawn and Susan. I let them know about my progress and check to see how they are doing when I get:


Followed by a sunny Facebook post at Local Pie:

And that's when I knew it. That's when I knew the new guy had been pranked!

So I would like to graciously say - Well played! Well played!

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Post Irma Update:
So, I am sitting here surrounded by my cases of unused water bottles reflecting back on this situation feeling thankful as well as concerned. I am thankful that everyone seems to have come through the storm healthy and safe. However, I feel for those who have lost trees, docks, or experienced other types of damage to their property. Our fast-paced lives kick back into gear once our days begin to return to normal, but we will continue to pray for those suffering and struggling as well as looking for other opportunities to help. Although we would love to avoid the storms in life, those difficult times often show the strength of a community. I know I have witnessed that firsthand.

All the best,



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