See You at the Pole | Leslie Albert

Submitted by Leslie Albert.

Yesterday Cross Schools participated in the annual See You at the Pole Global Week of Student Prayer event. Students and their chapel buddies listened intently to how Moses chose to fix his eyes on God and to not be consumed by the cares and worries that surrounded him. When Moses was caught in what seemed an impossible position (the Red Sea lay ahead of him, he was surrounded by mountains and wilderness, and the Egyptian army was pursuing him), God made a way by parting the waters. The story took the See You at the Pole theme of "Fix Your Eyes on Jesus" and showed students that we need not focus and worry over the problems and troubles that surround us, but we need to look to God for direction. As a closing activity, students wrote their prayer requests on blue table cloths representing the "waters" or troubles that surround us. We so easily get caught in our struggles, fears, and worry and we have to remember to seek God first and He will provide a way. Students then had small group prayer time with their chapel buddies. The blue table cloths will be displayed in the school as we cast our cares and burdens on the Lord and learn to seek Him and trust in His plan.



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