Update from the Board of Trustees

Dear Families and Friends,

It is my pleasure to wish you a belated welcome to the 2017-18 school year! We are all very excited about the year ahead from a number of perspectives.  

First, I would like to congratulate everyone–students and teachers alike–on the remarkable improvements on our standardized test scores for grades 4-8. You will be receiving details regarding each grade and subject, but we are extremely pleased to announce that while all scores improved, many substantially, some improved more than 200 percent. This is definitely something we can all celebrate together!

Our school leadership, Brad, Susan, and Shawn, are off to an exceptional start this year, introducing new technology, enhancing our curriculum, and applying new “Learning by Doing” methodology that will enrich our academic programs.

Our building program is progressing well, despite the interruption from the storms and hurricanes. The current schedule has the regulation size soccer field being completed in the early spring and the partial field could be completed earlier depending on the weather and our ability to sod the field. The  new wing will be completed before school begins in the fall. The contractors were able to divert their work, from lower areas, to the foundation work for vertical structures, on the high ground, so that there has been minimal impact on the schedule. The administration is planning space usage to accommodate our growth in Preschool and Middle School, as well as the addition of the high school. These are very exciting times as we witness the growth in our community and the expansion of our school.

With your help, the board completed a Growth Analysis Study that will assist us to better understand the challenges of student retention and attracting new students. The conclusions and recommendations have been incorporated into our admissions process and marketing and communications plans. Thank you for your participation in the study and for your continued efforts to make our school the best it can be! You, the parents, are our best promoters by celebrating our successes and spreading the word to friends and neighbors.

Furthermore, I would like to thank you for your participation and support of the “Present for the Future” Campaign. The campaign has surpassed $10 million in pledges but we still have work to do to meet the goal of $15 million over the next two years. Your continued support is very much appreciated.

As you may be aware, Liz Maybank and Brent Carlson will be completing their terms as board members this month. Each of them has made major contributions to the school’s success. While they will be missed on the board, each will continue to serve the school in special support roles for the administration. Additionally, please join us in welcoming our new board members, Holly Brooking, Lewis Campbell, and Don Cooper.  Each brings unique qualifications and will be a blessing to the board and the school.

Finally, please mark your calendar for Friday, November 10, for our annual Pearls to Pluff Mud event.  This year we will return to Hampton Hall. We ask you to please support this fun and exciting fundraising event with your attendance, auction item donations, and by inviting your friends to join us. We look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you and God Bless.


Frank Byrd

Chairman, Board of Trustees


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